RRS Compliant Regatta Scoring App

Download this modern scoring App today. Built from scratch for iOS. RRS compliant, but customizable to meet your needs.

ezRegatta PRO

Download on the App Store


Download on the App Store

ezRegatta Features

  • Enter and manage multiple regattas
  • Download RC Regattas including skipper lists from the AMYA website.
  • Set regatta discards and edit penalty scores
  • Clone a regatta including the list of skippers
  • Manage skipper/boat information
  • Tap to call skippers with phone numbers
  • Add/Delete skippers with safeguards if racing has begun.
  • Add and delete races
  • Score races with one tap/click per finish.
  • Assign RRS letter scores for DNC, DNF etc.
  • Apply Redress (RDG)
  • Create regatta results sheet to print, mark up, and share via email etc.

ez Regatta PRO

ezRegatta PRO adds scoring and management of multi-fleet regattas:

  • HMS (Promotion/Relegation)
  • SHRS
  • Odd/Even
  • Gold/Silver
  • Custom specifications
  • Shareable/Printable Fleet Assignment Boards

ez Regatta Requirements

  • iPhone running iOS 16 or later
  • iPad running iPadOS 16 or later
  • Macbook with Apple Silicon and MacOS 11 or later

ezRegatta Support

Please use the form below to ask questions, report issues or give us feedback.



Our Priority

ezRegatta stores your data, including that for skippers you add to regattas, in your device and in your cloud backups according to your settings.

We do not have access to your data and will not, and cannot, sell it to third parties.

You, of course, are responsible for how and where you share regatta and skipper information from your device using, for example the share results feature.